Multi-parameter controller for control of pH, Redox, free chlorine, proportional dosing


  • P, PI and PIQ control for online or recirculation regulation
  • 4-20mA control output and relay
  • Monitoring and data logger via web

PDF ICON smallITC_Controller_WTRpro Brochure

PDF ICON smallITC_WTRpro Manual


The WTR PRO controller together with the DOSITEC and DOSTEC dosing pumps constitute a complete control and dosing system for water treatments.

WTR PRO controller allows the user to monitor flow, pH, ORP (redox) and temperature, and to regulate them by means of the control outputs for dosing pump (or proportional valve in treatment systems with gas chlorine).

Depending on the configuration, control in recirculation (or closed circuit) by means of output relay, or on line control by means of analogic output (mA) with PI regulation, can be done.


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