MITC 3 Automated Chemical Injection System



  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Satellite View/Weather forecast
  • PH / Flow Readings
  • SMS/Email Alarm Service
  • 24 Valve Control using Relays
  • PDF Download

The Model MITC-3 Chemical Injection System is a fully automated 3 Pump System designed to give the operator full control of the system from most anywhere in the world with the use of a computer, tablet or smart phone.

The ITC Chemical Injection 3 Pump System installed in a NEMA 4 Enclosure was designed to be semi-portable skid mounted. It gives protection and security electronics of the pumping system. It is by design a fully automated system you can dial up with your cell phone to start/stop or make adjustment to the pump and monitor results and download result to spreadsheets. The system comes pre-wired and plumbed for simple start-up and operation and includes 3- ITC Chemical Injection Pump, controllers, back flush system, Wi-Fi Connector gate to ITC cloud and includes many other features.


NEMA 4 Enclosure
Electrical Control Panel
Controllers, inverters, Modem, router
NOTE: See ITC Water Controller 3000 section for full details on control and monitoring capabilities.
Material: Carbon Steel
Size: 42” long x 12” wide x 36 high
Color: Light Gray
Weight: 170 Pounds


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The MITC – 3 also includes:

  • The ITC Water Controller 3000
  • (with Wi-Fi Router and Connection)
  • ITC’s CloudManager App.

The ITC Water Controller 3000

Simplicity in Irrigation Control
Control of 96 blocks through 50 irrigation programs. Easy and intuitive programming allows the user to avoid schedule problems such as valve overlaps. Automatic filters cleaning and pumps starter function are available as well as the Watering Factor to modify the duration of all the irrigation programs.

CloudManager App with Wi-Fi Connection:
ITC’s CloudManager is the online platform that can control remotely the water controller 3000 irrigation controller. Intuitive application to set up the 50 irrigation programs as well as the 48 fertigation recipes in the Water Controller, and to monitor at real-time the parameters used as key indicators of the crop.

Providing Real-time information
Check if the irrigation program has started correctly with the appropriate flow rate and the provided valves from your phone or tablet. Alarms can also be programmed in case of anomaly.

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