Chemical Injection – Sulfuric Acid Dosing & Control System


Complete Package System

  • Automated pH control
  • Pre- plumbed and wire for turnkey start-up

Morrill Industries / ITC Acid injection system is designed for dosing control of sulfuric acid.

This system is designed to control water pH by use of a pH probe install in the main irrigation line, which sends a signal to the controller.

The controller reads the signal from the pH probe then relays a signal to the frequency drive inverter to increase or decrease the frequency of the motor to increase or decrease the amount of acid to be pumped to maintain set-points.



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The MITC-AIS-1 Acid Injection System
consists of the following items:

  • Enclosure Box
  • Stand
  • Dostec Dosing Pump
  • Compact Controller
  • Power Inverter
  • pH Probe
  • Pressure switch
  • Cooling Fan
  • Pre-wired
  • Preplumbed
  • Tested


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PDF ICON small Chemical Acid Injection Dosing and Control System