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Fluids Injection, Dosing and Control

Morrill Industies is the leader in the US, Canada and Mexico for ITC chemical dosing pumps – supplies and equipment. ITC ( Injection Technical Control Industries Inc.) is a world leader in Metering, Dosing Pumps and Fluid Control. Morrill Industries, Inc. is offering these quality, high efficiency injection pumps and chemical injection pump supplies, parts and custom designed pipe fittings for a wide range of chemical injection applications and industries to distributors throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Our dosing pump water treatment, industrial processes and agriculture sectors.



Our electric powered dosing pumps are easily handle corrosive, toxic or highly viscous fluids and are used for water treatment applications, industrial processes, petrochemical industry and agriculture.
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Hydraulic piston dosing pumps are hydraulically driven and manufactured with plastic materials resistant to most chemical products used in applications for agriculture, livestock and water treatment.
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Magnetic Dosing Pumps


Electromagnetic Diaphragm dosing pumps are design and heavy duty built for a wide range of uses including: water treatment, industrial processes, swimming-pools, golf courses, sports parks and agriculture.
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Our powerful turbine mixers for tanks up to 10,000 litres (2641 gallons) and more than 9 feet high. Our mixers come with a wide selection and are specially designed to handle low viscosity products.
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Get exceptional control for dosing pumps and precise regulation of free chlorine, pH, RedOx, EC and proportional dosing. Our controllers are designed for online dosing through PI and PIQ (PI + flow) control.
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Complete Dosing Pumping Systems

Pumping Systems

Morrill Industries offers complete systems dosing pumps custom built to fit your needs and specifications.
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We offer a wide range of accessories and equipment to help you get the most out of your dosing pumps.
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From agriculture to water treatment to industrial processes – ITC’s dosing pumps and products are a world leader in water treatment, industrial processes and agriculture sectors.
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About us

About Us

For over 40 years, Morrill Industries, Inc. has been the leader in the design and manufacture of top quality irrigation equipment and products.
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Fertic.com is an extensive archive of agronomic information on agricultural techniques related to fertigation which include technical articles, manuals and visual materials.

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Let Morrill Industries’ team Help Improve your Chemical Injection and Dosing Processes with the CloudManager App

Morrill can help you upgrade to easy-to-use, new technology which can handle larger irrigation requirements with ease. The intuitive CloudManager application can handle up to 50 irrigation programs as well as the 48 fertigation recipes in the Water Controller, and to monitor at real-time the parameters used as key indicators of the crop. All this information is stored in the ITC Cloud-Manager Server which is in continuous communication with the units in the field through a high secure encrypted m2m communication. Talk to us and see help we can help you modernize your irrigation system!