(Bold-faced products denote Unocal Agriproducts.)

1. Anhydrous Ammonia

2. Aqua Ammonia: 20-0-0

3. Urea Solution: 23-0-0

4. Ammonium Nitrate soln: AN20

5. Urea-ammonium nitrate soln: UAN32

6. Urea-ammonium soln: 33-0-0

7. DI-AN soln: 18-0-0

8. Ammonium sulfate soln:

9. Ammonium phosphate soln: 8-24-0

10. Ammonium polyphosphate soln: 10-34-0

11. Ammonium polysulfide soln: APS 20-0-40S

12. Aqua-sulfur soln:

13. Ammonium thiosulfate soln: Amthio 12-0-0-26S

14. N-pHuric® 28/27: 28-0-0-9S

15. N-pHuric® 15/49: 15-0-0-16S

16. N-pHuric® 10/55: 10-0-0-18S

17. Calcium ammonium nitrate soln: 17-0-0-8.8Ca

18. Iron nitrosyl: 11-0-0-7Fe

19. Enquik®

20. Enzone®

21. Unocal Plus®

22. Propel®

23. SurpHtacII®

24. Nitric Acid

25. Phosphoric Acid (white)

26. Phosphoric acid (green)

27. Sulfuric Acid

28. Water

29. Urea: 46-0-0

30. Ammonium nitrate: 34-0-0

31. Monoammonium phosphate: MAP 10-53-0

32. Diammonium phosphate: DAP 18-46-0

33. Calcium nitrate: 15.5-0-0-19Ca

34. Potassium chloride: 0-0-60

35. IMD 710

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Note: Compatible combinations may become incompatible under extreme temperatures and pressures. Each combination should first be evaluated on a small scale.

More information on Chemical Injection Pumps

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